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Manage users

Managing your user list is critical in monitoring and controlling who does or does not have access to your Storyboard channel. Situations for this include:

  • Giving a new employee access
  • Adding or changing existing employee privileges
  • Revoking access to an offboarded employee

This article covers different tools and corresponding actions to make user management easy. We’ll discuss the differences in user management between a basic log-in account (one that requires a user to activate and make their own password) and a Single-Sign-On account (SSO), where a user signs in using their company credentials. 

Manage users tabs

User management for Free/Pro Basic

For basic log-in accounts, which include our Free and Pro Basic plans, administrators are responsible for manually updating their user lists, including inviting new users and deactivating users who need to be removed. 

The next two sections will cover how a Free or Pro Basic administrator can invite users and manage their existing user list.

If you are an administrator on a Single-Sign-On account, start here.

Invite Users to Storyboard

1. Log in to your Admin Portal. 

2. Go to the ‘Add new user ’, located in the top left of your dashboard.

3. Enter your users’ email addresses individually, or submit a .csv file to upload the emails in bulk. If you are using a spreadsheet, make sure it has a single column with each row containing a unique email address.

4. Once the email addresses are added, click ‘Next’ to customize your invite email. 

5. View your custom message with the ‘Review Email’ option to preview the listener invitation.

6. Click 'Send' to invite your new listeners.

Each listener will receive an email invitation with a custom 6-digit code that is unique to their email. This code will be used to set up their Storyboard account while allowing Administrators to deactivate a listener at any time, as needed. 

Listeners who do not complete the sign-up right away will receive a friendly reminder 24 hours after an invitation is sent. If a listener still has not signed up, they will receive an additional reminder after 7 days.

Even after seven days, administrators can view their inactive users’ codes in the My Users tab and manually send a notification to that user by clicking on “Send New Code.”

Invite FAQs

What happens if I don’t have enough invites?

Free plans are limited to 50 user invitations and Pro Basic plans are limited to the number of users you purchase. Once that cap is reached, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your account and continue adding users. 

If you’re an administrator on a Free plan, upgrading will also unlock advanced features—such as Storyboard Groups, advanced analytics, and the ability to upload an unlimited number of episodes per week.

If you’re interested in upgrading your Storyboard experience or adding additional users, check out our pricing page and select Upgrade now.

What happens if a listener I invite already has an existing Storyboard account?

If a listener is already using their email address on Storyboard, you will receive an error message indicating this.

We value your security and data privacy. To keep your content as secure as possible, only one email address can be associated with a single Storyboard account. The most efficient way to resolve this error is to reach out to the listener and verify that their email address is being used for another account. In order for them to gain access to your channel, the listener must first delete their existing account before that same email can be used again. 

What happens if a listener does not receive their invite?

If a user does not receive their code right away, ask them to check their spam folder for an email from Please check with your organization’s IT team to ensure that has been whitelisted from your email server. 

If you’d like to manually send a user their activation code, click on “View Code” next to the user to copy it.

If invitation emails are still not being received, please contact us. 

What happens if a user who has not been invited tries to sign in?

Users that have not been invited to your channel will not be able to access any content. Upon entering their email at log-in, they will be prompted to create a new Storyboard channel.

We recommend that you regularly send out invites to new audience members so that they are able to access your content without any issues or delays. If you need help transferring a user into your account, please contact

The Users tab on your administrator dashboard is there for you to track which users are activating their accounts, monitor your current user base, and de-activate or delete users from your channel. We’ll go into more depth on each of these pieces in this section.

Tracking overall activations

The number of users who have activated their account will show up in the green box with the check mark, and the number of users who have yet to activate will show up in the red box with the caution icon.

Real-time user list

Using the status column on the Users page, you will see a list of all users, regardless if they have activated their account or not. 

For each listed user, there are three different statuses:

Deactivating users

As an administrator of a basic log-in account, you have the ability to easily deactivate users as needed. To deactivate a user:

  1. From your administrator portal, navigate to the Users tab
  2. Click the cancel icon to the right of their email address
  3. A de-activated user will show Reactivate next to the ‘trash can’ icon

If you deactivated a user by mistake or wish to re-grant them access to your channel, click on Reactivate next to the user who was deactivated.

Even when a user is deactivated, all of their listening statistics will still be saved.

Permanently deleting users

Deleting a user will remove them from your user list and will delete any listener statistics associated with that user. You will not be able to re-add deleted users

To permanently delete a user, click on the trash can icon next to their name.

Users tab FAQs

What do I do if a user has not activated their account?

By clicking on “Send New Code,” an unactivated user will be emailed another invitation to Storyboard with a new six-digit code. In case you would like to share this code via a different form of communication, you can click on “View Code” to copy and paste it into your messaging tool of choice.

What happens when a user is deactivated? 

When a listener has been deactivated, they will no longer be able to log in to the internal channels, play any content, or access any company data (including downloaded episodes).

User management for Single Sign-On

Integration with your Single-Sign-On (SSO) allows a user to sign into Storyboard with their company log-in credentials. 

With a single-sign-on integration, no manual user management is required. Users provisioned by your organization will be automatically verified upon signing in and will be revoked access when de-provisioned. You will never need to manually add users to your organization. You will be able to track new users as they sign in on the Users tab in your administrator account.

We support all major Single-Sign-On identity providers. If you are a Free or Pro Basic customer and would like to upgrade, please contact our sales team at to learn more.

Users tab for SSO Administrators

With the Users tab on your administrator dashboard, you’ll be able to track users who have logged in. All users who have signed in will show up in the green box with the checkmark icon. 

Single Sign-On FAQs

Do I need to manually deprovision or delete users? 

No manual management is needed to take a user off of your account. When an employee is deprovisioned by your company’s IT team in off-boarding, they will immediately lose access to all company content on the Storyboard platform

Deprovisioned users will still show up on the Users tab and you will still be able to view their historical statistics, but they will no longer have access to their accounts. 

What if I want my team to receive an invitation email?

Unlike our Basic accounts, users are not sent invitation emails to activate their accounts. No extra actions will need to be taken by an administrator to invite listeners.

Instead of an invitation email, administrators can share log-in instructions and links to download our mobile applications via other communication tools, including newsletters, one-off emails, and workplace messengers (Microsoft Teams, Slack).

Click here to access our SSO Sign-In Instructions.

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