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Manage users

We understand that your audience list will change over time. As an admin, you have the ability to easily deactivate and activate users as needed. This option is available across all of our plans to allow for optimal user management and full control of the Storyboard experience. 

Regular Users vs. Single Sign-On (SSO)

When a listener has been deactivated, they will no longer be able to log in to the internal channels, play any content, or access any company data (including downloaded episodes).

If an SSO user is deprovisioned, they will lose access to all company content on the platform. Visit our SSO page to learn more about Single Sign-On on Storyboard.

Managing users on Storyboard

1. Go to your Admin portal and select ‘My Users.

2. Make sure that the ‘Manage Users’ toggle is selected.

3. You can now view verified and unverified users, find users via email address, view a user’s unique activation code, send them a new code, and delete or re-activate users. 

4. To deactivate a verified user, click the trash can icon to the right of their email address.

5. For a verified user who is inactive, you can delete or reactivate their account.

6. If a user is unverified, you can view their activation code or simply send them a new one. 

If you have questions about your Storyboard account, reach out to our customer support team and we will be happy to assist you.

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