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Build a more engaged team with private podcasting and audio


Up to 50 users
Launch a secure podcast channel on Storyboard with up to 50 unique listeners 
Free Forever
Launch Channel
  • Add and remove users from admin portal
  • Post audio podcasts to your feed
  • Listeners can download and stream podcasts on the Storyboard app or website
  • Listeners can comment on your podcast
  • Receive weekly engagement reports and number of podcast listeners
  • Trim and edit your podcast


Up to 500 users
Upload unlimited podcasts, invite users by email, and receive advanced listener analytics
Per user, per month, billed monthly
Upgrade Now
Everything in Free plus:
  • Upload unlimited podcasts per week
  • Organize your team with Storyboard Groups
  • Follow your audience reach with advanced listener analytics
  • Promote your podcast with automated email templates and push notifications
  • Record your podcast with Storyboard web and mobile tools
  • Record and send unlimited audio messages to colleagues


500+ users
Upload unlimited podcasts with single sign-on integration, advanced customization, and support
Let's Talk
Billed annually
Contact Sales
Everything in Pro plus:
  • Support any number of users
  • Seamless single sign-on integration
  • Advanced support for administrators and listeners from Storyboard customer success team
  • Available as a customized app for your brand


What is the Storyboard pricing structure?

We offer three plans for our customers: Free, Pro, and Enterprise. Your plan can be upgraded at any time. Visit our pricing page to learn more about the investment for each plan. For information on white-label opportunities, please reach out to our team.

Does Storyboard offer Single Sign-On security?

We support Single Sign-On (SSO) logins on the Enterprise plan. Our company is built on trust and security. We work hard to offer the safest, most secure, and most reliable audio platform for your organization.

Storyboard supports all major identity providers (IdPs), including Okta, Microsoft AD, Google gSuite, SAML, and more. Learn more about how Storyboard enables SSO logins here

Is there a limit to the amount of episodes I can upload?

With Storyboard’s Pro and Enterprise plans, you can upload an unlimited number of episodes.

The Free plan allows you to upload one episode per week.

How many admins can I add?

There is no limit to the number of admins you can add.

  1. To create a new admin sign in to Storyboard, or sign up if you do not yet have an account.
  2. Go to the podcast dashboard.
  3. Select organization on the menu at the top of the page.
  4. Select the button, add new administrators.
  5. Input the email of the new administrator you would like to add. Select submit.

On Storyboard Pro and Enterprise, you can assign an unlimited amount of Group administrators who will have the ability to post episodes, review data, and add users only to their designated “Group.”

How many Groups can I create?

There is no limit to the number of Storyboard Groups you can create. Keep in mind that users must be added to each individual Group in order to access the Group’s content. 

Note: The Storyboard Groups feature is only available for Pro and Enterprise.

Can I do a free trial of the Storyboard Pro experience?

If you would like to create a demo account with the Storyboard Pro features, including Groups and listener analytics, please reach out to our team

Storyboard also offers a Free plan for you to experience our product and see why our platform will deliver the most robust experience in the market for corporate audio and private podcasters. 

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