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Storyboard snacks

Quick episodes for team updates

Why create a Storyboard Snack?

By launching a weekly (or biweekly) short-form podcast, creators can quickly provide an overview of relevant news in a format that makes it simple and easy for an employee to get what they need. Snacks speed up your workflow and connect your team better than ever before.

Format: Solo and Q&A

Episode length: 5-10 minutes

Content inspiration

  • Content used for weekly/monthly/quarterly newsletter
  • Stakeholder input on the news they’d like to share
  • Product documentation or meeting notes
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Snacks episode script

This script is for a solo format and will be structured in three parts. As a best practice, add your notes under each section before recording.


Hi there. Welcome to [Company Name] Snacks – your quick update on the news you will want to know from within our team. My name is [name], and this is your episode for the week of [Date]. 

This week, we’re going to talk about [newsworthy item].

Introduction boosts
  • Recap of the last episode—here’s what you missed
  • Encourage commenting—ask for feedback from your listeners

First section: What is the news?

Set the stage by telling your listeners what topic you’ll be discussing. Share “the what” — what is the item or news blast of the episode?

Examples of talking points

  • An important company milestone
  • Feedback from your customers
  • A big win or a shared accomplishment
Here’s how this would sound

At Storyboard, we’ve been listening to our administrators and our listeners who would like to have more support with login issues. Our Product team is announcing a new login flow this week, which includes improved messaging on how to log in, improved error messages if a user makes a mistake, and a support contact if a listener needs help.

Second section: Outline the “why” 

Discuss the “why” and describe the impact (or the reason) that this news item is relevant to the organization. Are there any teams or groups that should care specifically about this?

Examples of talking points

  • Introduce a new shared goal that your listeners can get behind
  • Share why your company was striving for this accomplishment
Here’s how this would sound

Our goal is to continue increasing the audience size for our podcasters. Our Product team is confident that a frictionless signup experience will be a major asset to our customers. This will help increase engagement and keep listeners excited about the great content produced by Storyboard creators.

Third section: Share next steps

Share next steps for someone who may want to learn more. This is a great opportunity to plug action items and mobilize your audience. 

Examples of talking points 

  • Offer resources where listeners can learn more about your news
  • Tell listeners how they can get in touch with any relevant contacts
Here’s how this would sound

If you have feedback from your customer relationships, reach out to Jeremy. He is happy to spend time educating creators and listeners on the new product, including hosting a live webinar. If you want to learn more about the initiative for a new Sales program, make sure to reach out to our sales manager. Her email address is [email], and she’d love to discuss your ideas as she continues to build out this initiative.

[Optional] Plug for future content

We’ll be back with our next update [next week, in two weeks, etc.].

In the meantime, we love getting feedback from our listeners right here on Storyboard. Feel free to let us know what you thought by star rating this episode. To share a newsworthy item we should consider for a future topic, make sure to leave us a comment below.


Thank you for joining us for another episode of [Company Name] Snacks. You can find our episodes right here on Storyboard by accessing the mobile app or the website.

To get the latest updates, make sure to turn on Push Notifications in the Storyboard mobile app so you can stay in the loop when new episodes come out. Thanks so much for tuning in. Until next time!  

Wrap-up boosts
  • Ask others to create their own series
  • Encourage users to share this episode
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