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Sales win of the week

Let your team share what made them successful

Why create a win of the week podcast?

A sales win of the week podcast is a great way to showcase your team’s success and share tips for future deals. In fact, many of our sales creators tell us that their win of the week series’ are the most listened to on their entire Storyboard channel.

Format: Solo, Q&A

Episode length: 10-15 minutes

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Sales win of the week episode script

This script is for a Q&A format and will take a three-part structure. Try to come up with your questions and write them out under each section before recording.


Hi there. Welcome to [Series Name], I’m [name] and we’re here today talking to [guest name(s)] to learn more about their recent big win.

Introduction boosts

  • Information on the deal
  • Date of the episode
  • Background on the guest

First section: Background

Give your guest the opportunity to introduce themselves and go through the play-by-play of how this deal came to be. 

Examples of questions to ask

  • Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to the sales team at [company name]?
  • I want to hear more about this deal you closed with [customer name]. Can you give us some background: who the company is, when did you first start working with them, and what their sales cycle is like?
  • Are there others on your team who work on this account? 
  • How do you usually communicate with the customer and how often? Via in-person visits, email, video calls?

Second section: Discuss the details of the deal

This is the opportunity to let your guest shine. Ask questions that give them the opportunity to break down what they did to get this win.

Transition sentence example from sections one to two: Now that we’ve had the opportunity to learn a little more about you and [customer], I’d love to dive into the mechanics of the deal you closed with them.

Examples of questions to ask

  • How did this deal come to be?
  • Can you talk about any teammates that were vital to the success of this deal?
  • What was your biggest challenge in closing this deal?
  • What do you see as the significance of this deal? (was this a record-breaking deal, was it the first for a certain use case, was it the hardest deal you’ve ever closed?)

Third section: Tips for the sales team

Discuss what your interviewee learned from this win, how they can apply that to future deals, and how those learnings are applicable to the rest of the sales organization.

Transition sentence example from sections two to three: Thanks for sharing more about this awesome win. I want to give you the opportunity to address the rest of the sales team directly to share some takeaways.

Examples of questions to ask

  • Is there anything you would have done differently in this deal?
  • What do you believe was the biggest contributor to your success?
  • What advice do you have for sales reps that find themselves in a similar situation?
  • For newer reps, are there training and development opportunities you would recommend?

[Optional] Plug for future content

We’ll be back with another member of our team to share their win [next week, in two weeks, etc.] In the meantime, we love getting feedback from our listeners right here on Storyboard. Feel free to let us know what you thought by star rating this episode. To suggest a teammate you'd like to see interviewed, make sure to leave a comment below.

Wrap up

Thank you for joining us again for another episode of [Company Name podcast]. You can find our episodes right here on Storyboard from the mobile app or the website. To get the latest updates, make sure to go to Settings in the Storyboard mobile app where you can enable Push Notifications to see when new episodes come out. Thanks so much for tuning in. Until next time!  

Wrap-up boosters
  • Ask for feedback
  • How someone can share this episode
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