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Product updates

New product information to keep your team in the know

Why launch a product updates podcast?

Creators can keep their sales team informed regardless of if they’re on the road or in front of their computer. This is also a fantastic way to introduce new products into your organization. For a Q&A format, we recommend talking to a product owner or subject matter expert.

Format: Solo, Q&A

Episode length: 5-15 minutes

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Product update episode script

This script is for a Q&A format and will take a three-part structure. Try to come up with your questions and write them out under each section before recording.


Hi there. Welcome to [Series Name], I’m [name] and we’re here today talking to [guest name(s)] to learn more about the changes made to [Product, product feature, or product policy].

Introduction boosts
  • Date these product changes go into effect
  • Date of the episode
  • Allow your guest to introduce themselves

First section: Answer the "what"

Ask your guest questions that prompt them to explain the mechanics of the product update. Think of this as the headline information that your team needs to know.

Examples of questions to ask

  • Can you describe the changes that the sales team should know about?
  • What are the 3-5 key points that the sales team needs to know about these changes?
  • How do these changes/updates differentiate the product from the previous version?
  • Are there any major customers to call out that this will directly affect?
  • When are these changes expected to go into effect?

Second section: Answer the "why"

Discuss with your guest why these changes are happening. Ask them questions to give your team a better understanding of why they should embrace this change.

Transition sentence example from part one to part two: Thanks for sharing all of that background. I know our sales team will want a better understanding of why these changes are going into effect.

Examples of questions to ask

  • Why did we decide to make these changes?
  • How do these changes benefit our customers?
  • Was there any kind of feedback we received either internally or externally that prompted these changes?
  • Who was involved in the decision-making and development processes?
  • Why should sales reps be excited about this?

Third section: Answer the "how"

Ask questions that encourage your guest to discuss how these changes will affect your sales team and what they need to know to ensure their success in selling the product.

Transition sentence example from sections two to three: We want to ensure that all reps have the information and tools to effectively sell [product name} with these new updates.

Examples of questions to ask

  • How should sales reps explain this product change to existing customers?
  • Where can the sales team find additional information about this change?
  • How can sales reps share customer feedback with your team?
  • What are some of the common questions you think reps may be asked by customers?
  • Are there any product competitors that we can now sell better against?

[Optional] Plug for future content

We’ll be back here talking about product updates as they occur. In the meantime, we love getting feedback from our listeners right here on Storyboard. Feel free to let us know what you thought by star rating this episode. Leave a comment and let us know if you used this update to share new information with a customer.

Wrap up

Thank you for joining us again for another episode of [Company Name podcast]. You can find our episodes right here on Storyboard from the mobile app or the website. To get the latest updates, make sure to go to Settings in the Storyboard mobile app where you can enable Push Notifications to see when new episodes come out. Thanks so much for tuning in. Until next time!  

Wrap-up boosts
  • Where to address product questions
  • Where to find more information on the changes
  • How someone can share this episode
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