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Know your customer

Share information about your customers and how they use your products

Why create a know your customer podcast?

Customer experience is at the forefront of many companies' missions. An exceptional customer experience equates to user satisfaction and retention, and oftentimes leads to more sales. Use this script to share key insights and align your team on knowledge about your customer.

Format: Solo and Q&A

Episode length: 5-15 minutes

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"Know your customer" episode script

This script is for a solo format and is structured in three main parts. As a best practice, add your notes under each section before recording.


Hi there. I’m [name] and welcome to [Series Name], where we chat about who our customers are, how they use our products, and what their experience tells us about our business. Today, we’ll be profiling [customer name].

Introduction boosts

  • Date of the episode
  • Recap of the last episode
  • Encourage commenting

First section: Who is the customer?

Discuss who the customer is, what they do, and how long they have been a customer of your company.

Examples of talking points

  • Who is your customer?
  • What are your customer's pain points?
  • What opportunities does your team have to solve those pain points?

Here’s how this would sound

Our customer is passionate about our product. It is our job to continue delivering on our solutions and keep solving their pain points. What sets our company apart is that we invest greatly in the customer experience, and always make sure we are serving our customers first.

Second section: Answer the "what"

Discuss how the customer uses your product. This is a good opportunity to call out any unique ways in which your product is utilized.

Examples of talking points

  • How does the customer use your product or service?
  • Why did the customer choose to work with you?
  • What has their experience been like using your product or service?
  • What requests from the customer did the team respond to?
Here’s how this would sound

This customer uses our software to offer their clients an innovative audio solution. They did consider a few of our competitors but ended up choosing us because of the simplicity of our tools and the timely customer support they were offered during their two-week demo. Our relationship with this customer has grown significantly. In fact, they were our first enterprise customer to hit a milestone of 100 episode uploads and shout out how much they love our product on their Twitter feed.

Third section: Lessons to be learned from the customer

Discuss the takeaways from your engagement with this customer and how they can be applied to future customers and projects.

Examples of talking points 

  • How much growth has the team seen?
  • Is this customer active in giving product feedback?
  • Did any features come from the customer's suggestions?
  • How do these relationships shape the company’s future?
Here’s how this would sound

When this customer started with us, they were a team of 5. Now they’re a team of 25. While they may not be our largest account, they are one of our most active customers in giving product feedback. We can point to several features that have their roots in this customer's suggestions, many of which are now customer favorites.

While it's exciting for our sales team to go after bigger deals with higher income potential, it’s important to remember that our partnership with our customers is far more important than the revenue they bring in. Every customer, big or small, helps us shape the future of our business.

[Optional] Plug for future content

We’ll be back to chat about another customer in [next week, in two weeks, etc.] In the meantime, we love getting feedback from our listeners right here on Storyboard. Feel free to let us know what you thought by star rating this episode. To suggest a customer you'd like to see us profile, make sure to leave a comment below.

Wrap up

Thank you for joining us again for another episode of [Series Name]. You can find our episodes right here on Storyboard from the mobile app or the website. To get the latest updates, make sure to go to Settings in the Storyboard mobile app where you can enable Push Notifications to see when new episodes come out. Until next time!  

Wrap-up boosts
  • Ask for feedback
  • Ask others to create their own series
  • Tell listeners how they can share this episode
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