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Guest template

A guide to hosting an episode with a guest

Why host a guest on your podcast?

Whether it's your manager, a co-worker, or someone outside of your organization, hosting a guest on your podcast is a great way to create more variety in your show and offer different perspectives.

Use this template as a general guideline for your next episode, or in addition to any of our other scripts.

Guest template


Hi there and thanks for tuning in to another episode of [series name]. I'm your host, [name].

Today, I'm so excited to introduce [guest name], [job title] at [company name] to chat about [topic].

Introduction boosts
  • Background on your guest—how did they get to where they are today
  • Encourage commenting—ask for feedback from your listeners

First section: Set the stage

Ask 2-3 questions to get the conversation rolling

Examples of questions to ask

  • What is your experience with the topic?
  • How does your job tie in with the topic?
  • Can you tell me more about this accomplishment?

Second section: Dig into your topic

Examples of questions to ask

  • How do you feel about this?
  • What makes you feel this way?
  • How do others in your industry feel?

Third section: Takeaways and parting thoughts

Examples of questions to ask

  • Can you tell me the biggest takeaways that listeners should get?
  • How can people learn more about this topic?
  • How can listeners get in touch with you?

[Optional] Plug for future content

We’ll be back with our next episode [next week, in two weeks, etc.].

In the meantime, we love getting feedback from our listeners right here on Storyboard. Feel free to let us know what you thought by star rating this episode. To share a newsworthy item we should consider for a future topic, make sure to leave us a comment below.


Thank you for joining us for another episode of [Podcast Name]. You can find our episodes right here on Storyboard by accessing the mobile app or the website.

To get the latest updates, make sure to turn on Push Notifications in the Storyboard mobile app so you can stay in the loop when new episodes come out. Thanks so much for tuning in. Until next time!  

Wrap-up boosts
  • Ask others to create their own series
  • Encourage users to share this episode
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