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Who is Storyboard for?

Storyboard is used by a wide variety of organizations and content creators, including: 

Individual creators

These are leaders, managers, employees, and other voices within a company who want to modernize internal communications and engage, inform, and connect with their teams. 

Teams and groups

We support teams and groups of all sizes. Record and share meeting notes directly on our platform. Simply create a channel, invite your team, and start uploading your episodes!

Educators and online teachers

Are you an instructor who wants to provide self-guided material to your class? Launch a channel on Storyboard and easily manage your content and audience, all within our audio-first platform. 

Audio creates unmatched opportunities for building engaging conversations, and we’re making it easier than ever for anyone to become a creator.

Looking to set up an internal podcast for your organization? 

Visit our pricing page to learn about getting started for free today.

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