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What is Storyboard?

We believe in giving everyone a voice. 

Storyboard is a platform where teams, companies, and friends can record and share audio in a private, secure channel.

Our mission is to help teams and organizations around the world communicate more effectively with the ease of on-demand audio. We offer enterprise-level security, powerful administrator tools, and communication channels for optimized listener engagement to help you get the most out of your Storyboard experience. 

Whether you are an enterprise company looking for private, SSO secured listening, or a group of friends casually sharing audio together, Storyboard is the platform for you.

Our platform consists of: 

  • A suite of Storyboard mobile applications, including iOS and Android 
  • A web platform where listeners can log in and stream episodes (no download required) 
  • An administrator portal for content and user management, analytics, and much more

app demo with content

Train employees on the go

Storyboard enables creators within a company (i.e., executives, managers, individual contributors) to launch internal, on-demand audio content. Listeners and creators alike can access episodes, such as important company updates or training sessions, anywhere, anytime.

Less fatigue, more connection

Audio is the perfect communication tool for an “on-the-go” lifestyle. An internal company podcast engages the audience while eliminating external distractions, making it the most effective way for teams to reduce fatigue while staying engaged and connected.

Every team member is heard 

Whether your organization is deskless, remote, hybrid, or in-office, Storyboard helps you build more inclusive teams. The best part? We encourage all team members to have a voice so that everyone feels connected and included. 

We are excited to help you start leveraging the power of audio in your organization.