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Promotion Tools

Access show links and email templates

After uploading an episode, navigate to the ‘Listener Notification’ page. You can also access these tools from your podcast dashboard by clicking on the envelope icon next to an episode.

Custom email template

Use our custom email template to send an email to your subscribers (or subscribers to a specific group) when a new episode is released. This template contains the title of the episode, a link to listen, and an area for administrators to add a custom message.

Promotion email

Shows links

Select the ‘Copy Link to Podcast’ option to share your episode across the internal communication tools of choice, such as your intranet, email newsletter, or Slack channels. Remember to share the link with interviewees so they can share the content with their audience. 

Encourage listeners to share episodes

Listeners can select the ‘Share’ button, located on the bottom right of their mobile app screen, to receive a direct episode link and share the episode with others. 

Mobile share

Want to learn more tips on boosting your engagement? Listen to the fourth episode of Storyboard’s ‘How-To’ series to find out more tips on how to promote your series internally. 

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