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Engagement best practices

Here are a few tips to help you grow your audience

We want you to have the knowledge you need to attract and grow your audience, which is why we’ve gathered advice from our community on how they are getting the most out of their Storyboard experience.

  • Always ask for feedback: Understanding your audience, specifically, what they want to hear and who they want to hear it from, is key to optimizing engagement. Encourage your team to pitch future content ideas using the text and voice comments in Storyboard.
  • Release content regularly: We recommend releasing at least 2-4 episodes per month for your first podcast series. Consider dedicating time each month to record, or record in bulk and use the Storyboard scheduling feature to set future release dates on episodes.

Pro Tip: Ask other creators to record their podcast series during your off-weeks so that your listeners still receive weekly content. 

  • Ask users to turn on push notifications: Push notifications (in our mobile app) let users know when a new episode is released. During the intro or outro of your episode, remind users to turn on notifications so they don’t miss out on new content. 
  • Test out different episode lengths and formats: With Storyboard’s advanced analytics, you can receive accurate and reliable data on how listeners are responding to your content. Use this data to help engage your audience with content they most enjoy. 

Pro Tip: We often see more completions on a 15-minute episode vs. a 60-minute episode. If you’re not sure how long your episode should be, ask your listeners for their preference!

Storyboard Pro users can use the listener drop-off report to identify any trends for when people are tuning out

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