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Edit your podcast

Now that you've got audio, it's time to edit your content.

Solo Recording

Use our on-platform tool to record your episode. After finishing the recording, you'll be able to trim the beginning and end to get your desired product.

This is perfect for sharing a quick update or win of the week with your team.

Advanced editing

For multi-person recordings and heavier editing, we recommend using free software such as GarageBand or Audacity to:

  • Add theme music: Set the tone for your episodes with intro and outro music. If you don’t own the music, use copyright-free tracks to avoid any compliance issues. 
  • Remove unnecessary noises: Long silences, word stumbles, and distracting noises are all a natural part of podcasting. The best part about audio is that you can edit any mistakes that were made during the recording. Once your recording is complete, remove these mistakes and other unnecessary audio to create the best possible listening experience. 

Need help with editing? We offer production support to Pro and Enterprise customers for polishing up your episodes. Click on the link below to learn more.

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