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An overview of the services and tools we provide to enable creators

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If you have an idea, you're a creator. Yes, it’s that simple. 

At Storyboard, our goal is to give everyone on your team a voice. We believe that our platform offers a unique and modern way to encourage collaboration for employees across the company. In line with that vision, we offer several services to support creators, regardless of if you're a podcast pro or completely new to audio.

Services and tools offered

Brainstorming sessions

Want to create your own series, but don't know what to talk about? We can help you come up with a show idea and pick a format that allows your voice to shine

Setting up your recording calendar

We offer templates and planning assistance for putting aside a regularly scheduled time to record your episodes

Script templates and question lists

Check out our Storyboard script templates to guide you through the framework of your recording. We can also help creators to build a list of questions to ask guests and co-hosts

Script Templates

Pre-recording prep sessions

We'll ensure that you feel comfortable with your content and recording setup. We can even conduct dry runs of your recording

Recording facilitation

We can host the recording so that you can focus on the conversation

Editing support

Storyboard's in-house producer can optimize audio quality, edit out any sections you'd like, and recommend theme music

Create a Storyboard Group for hosting your content

Inside your group, you'll be able to upload content, add listeners, promote your episodes, and track listenership through Storyboard's analytics

On-going check-ins

Our support never goes away. We offer check-ins to review feedback, share best practices, and generate ideas to fine-tune your private podcast

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Become a creator

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