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Single Sign-On

Best-in-class security for your protection.

Storyboard offers enterprise-level security, including Single Sign-On (SSO) integration, to keep your internal data private, safe, and protected. Our advanced platform provides a secure and stress-free experience for teams to share private, internal podcasts and audio messages.

How does Single Sign-On work on Storyboard? 

Listeners will access their accounts and the company’s channels using verified corporate credentials or SSO. Visit our administrator and listener login instructions to learn more. 

Your security is our top priority. We guarantee that non-employees and other external audiences have no means in which to view, listen, or otherwise access your company data on Storyboard.

How does Storyboard guarantee that content stays secure?

Our platform does not allow audio content to be exported or transferred to any other medium, like Spotify or Apple Podcasts. Content that is uploaded to Storyboard is available exclusively within the platform in order to effectively maintain our protocols and security commitments.

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