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Get the most out of Storyboard with advanced listener data.

As the industry-leading private podcast and audio platform, Storyboard is specifically built with analytics in mind.

Account admins have advanced access to track and monitor important data, such as the number of channel listeners and the completion rate of individual recordings.

Keep in mind that while these metrics are important, they don't always tell the full story! Building an audience and understanding their interests takes time. Instead of focusing on the numbers, use feedback and listener engagement to drive future content.

Pro and Enterprise 

As an admin, you have access to:

  • Overall channel and individual episode statistics
  • Listener drop-off reports
  • Completion percentages

    … and much more!

Podcast Analytics

Take a look at some of our admin features:

Listener engagement

Reach your employees with unique insights into their participation. Admins can track who is listening, completion rate per episode, and much more to keep teams connected and engaged.  

Comments and feedback

Our two-way engagement allows users to comment, tag team members, review episodes, and more. Admins have the option to moderate content by modifying or removing user comments.

Listener drop-off report

With our listener drop-off report, admins can see the exact timestamp in episodes when users stop listening. This report offers an advanced look into team interest and involvement. 

Listener Dropoff Report

For more information about specific admin tools, view our Definitions of Analytics Terms below.

Term Definitions

Product Dashboard

  • All-Time Plays: Number of plays throughout the life of your account, including multiple plays per person and partially completed episodes.
  • Total Episodes: Total number of episodes uploaded in the life of your account.
  • Total Complete Listens: Amount of times your users have completed an episode.
  • Listeners: Unique users who have listened to the episode.
  • Completed: Number of unique listeners have finished the episode.
  • Completion Rate: Percentage of your listeners that finished the episode.
  • Comments: Number of total voice and text messages from listeners to an episode.

Episode View Page

  • Total Plays: Total number of times your users have hit play on an episode across all devices (mobile and web plays are counted separately). 
  • User Plays: Number of unique users who have played an episode. 
    Note: The number of unique plays cannot exceed the total number of users in your audience. If one user listens to an episode five times, this counts as one play.
  • Completions: Unique users who play the episode to 90% or more completion. 
    Note: One user can only achieve one completion per episode. Completions measure the amount of User Plays that listen until the end of an episode.
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