Get actionable insights with best-in-class analytics

Monitor listener data with our robust analytics dashboard. Administrators get access to detailed insights on content performance, listeners per episode, episode completion rate, and much more.

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Help your teams connect with a platform built for distributed employees. Our granular insights help you stay up to date and keep a regular pulse on employee engagement.

Leverage personalized episode results to tailor content to audience interests, plan for future episodes, support key functions, and more.

  • A listener drop-off report that shows where listeners drop off or leave an episode
  • Unique user engagement data, including repeated plays and completed episodes
  • 5-star feedback and audience ratings to gauge how receptive users are, private to admins
  • An organization growth chart to track your organization’s growth and user data over time

Leverage your team's personalized results to:

  • Measure usage on a granular level
  • Tailor content to your audience
  • Accurately evaluate content performance
  • Showcase the value of audio across teams

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