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Your frontline moves fast. Audio moves faster. Storyboard gives you all the tools you need to deliver on-demand, real-time engaging audio to your team.

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Keep your employees informed and connected like never before.

Need to deliver a time-sensitive update? Use the Create tab on your mobile app to upload content directly to your team’s channel.

Your episodes will be published immediately, making on-demand content easily accessible for on-the-go employees.

Our user-friendly web and mobile platforms take the guesswork out of podcasting to make your recording process easy and stress-free.

Publish episodes right away, or schedule content for a future release so you can save time, plan ahead, and have content in the queue.

Launch unlimited feeds of curated content for specific job functions, teams, locations, training needs, and more.

Encourage collaboration and feedback by creating public groups that anyone in your organization can follow, or limit access to select listeners for invite-only conversations.

Deliver training, news, and updates no matter where you work.

Our powerful audio technology makes it easier than ever to create engaging podcast-style episodes regardless of time, work schedule, or location.

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